September Bark Box Review

This is my first time getting BarkBox after seeing a Groupon on it for $10 p/month for 6 months…I have a 9 month Corgi/Schnauzer/American Hairless mix who chews through almost everything. I was pretty skeptical about getting this box at first, but they chose rather neutral items, that almost every dog can enjoy.

It came with 6 items, in a very cute box with very hipster drawings on it as well.

1. Crinkits Toy by Zigoo Pets ( This their biggest item in the box, being a water bottle toy. It’s the orange toy to the very right and it smells delicious (like vanilla ice cream) and you place a water bottle inside and they chew on the toy, rather than directly on the water bottle. This toy alone made the box worth it, when it retails at $19.99 from the website.

2. Barkworthies Bully Stick ( It’s a 6-inch braided bully stick that’s made with 100% beef and these are the only chews that really last a long time with my puppy. However, the smell is overwhelming and I hate it when he brings it into my bedroom…Still a good addition, these go for $5-$7 by themselves.

3. Sweet Potato dog treats made by Whole Life Pet (¬† a 1.5 oz bag of freeze dried sweet potato treats. This really intrigued because I myself love sweet potato fries, and this smelled so yummy. It’s USDA organic (and about $4 by itself) and only has sweet potato listed as the ingredient. I’m going to be honest, I actually tried it! And It has a mild sweet flavor and my puppy absolutely LOVES¬† it. He actually prefers it over his chicken treats. This is my favorite in the box, and if I can find bigger, more affordable bags of it, I may invest in it. It’s very evident how high quality it is. They also gave a small pouch of freeze dried chicken–doesn’t even smell like chicken at all. My pup didn’t seem too intrigued and preferred the sweet potato over it…

4. Z-Bone by Zukes ( A dental bone, flavor clean apple crisp that is grain-free helps clean teeth and freshen doggy breath. I’ve heard so many good things about Zukes treats and how dogs love it and it’s completely natural! I’m excited to give this to him, it’s a decent size (regular) for my 19 pound dog. Although I agree that dental chews help with teeth, I still support brushing over simply dental chews. A box of 8 goes for about $17.99 online.

5. Bath Wipe by WAG (wash and go– IT comes with one wipe, good for in the car or after the dog park. I’ve actually used these wipes (found them on sale at Marshalls) and they are very moist and I find that I can use each wipe multiple times if just using for touch up cleaning. It also has a nice scent.

Overall, this barkbox retailed over $30 at the very least! I also enjoying trying out different treats without having to invest in it completely. If interested goto–part of their proceeds go to shelters across the nation :)) Image