IOPE Air Cushion N23 vs Laneige BB Cushion in Medium Review

When BB creams first hit the Western markets in 2012, I was obsessed!! A tinted moisturizer, primer, skin firmer all in one, how could it do so much?!  Then I saw BB air cushions, which meant I did not have to use foundation brushes or even worse my fingers!

*Skin Type & Climate: Dry, desert climate with non-sensitive, dry skin. 

I got my IOPE Air Cushion from RoseRoseShop for US $30 which comes with the compact (cushion inside already) and 1 replacement cushion. The cushion case itself was thicker than what I anticipated but still very slick and aesthetically pleasing. The compact has a mirror included, then the blender, then the cushion liquid beneath it. The color was a bit lighter than what I anticipated with N23 being the darker of the shades offered from IOPE. The blender is AMAZING, in that it uses very little product but distributes it evenly across your face. I was really timid with the product initially but even if you get too much product out you can always blot it in and it still looks great.


-Blender is great, easy to use, pretty much dummy proof

-lasts for a long time, you use very little product each time

-doesn’t look cakey-I generally use 1 layer alone, but have experimented with layering. My need for coverage is only for evening my skin tone rather than any concealment.

-resusable- you can buy replacement puffs, along with cushions and not have to buy a whole new compact


-limited in range of colors, I quickly out-tanned my shade

-puff gets dirty pretty easily

-hygienic concerns-you use the blender on your face, then dip it back in the cushion.

I started using this product back in February and fortunately/unfortunately, living in California means I get tan, quickly! IOPE’s range of shades was just not cutting it for me anymore, which led me to buy the Laneige BB Cushion sold at Target in medium. I purchased my Laneige BB cushion for $34 at Target which is comparable to what I got my IOPE for (they have the same mother company).


*it is pricier than IOPE by $4, but for me to have it accessible at Target is amazingly convenient!

*larger range of shades, most likely because it is sold in the USA – from the picture below, IOPE’s darkest shade N23, is still much much lighter than the medium for Laneige. Which is great for me!

*they DO NOT sell just the cushion replacement (yet?!) meaning, even though you can replace it, they don’t sell the refills for it! Frustrating!!

*Scent: there is a slight difference in smell, I find the Laneige to be a tad stronger and more floral. The IOPE scent is a little lighter and less noticeable for those who are sensitive to smell.

IMG_1452 FullSizeRender IMG_1450 IMG_1449 FullSizeRender_3 IMG_1458

If they start selling the refills for my shade, this is a no brainer, re-buy for me. Otherwise, I may use the cushion and make my own DIY with bb cream. At ~$30, this is an expensive form of bb cream and I do believe you are paying for convenience. I would not want to spend that much money for more cushions that have the compact included because it’s just so wasteful! Once the initial investment is taken care of, replacement puffs can be bought for about $2-$3.


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