Day #3 – Pediophobia

Happy Friday!! Today I’m wearing Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Pediophobia, white porcelain cracked by white tobacco, threads of brittle cognac, and vanilla filigree. Pediphobia by definition is fear of dolls.  A friend with an amazing nose recommended this one, and I am so glad I took her up on it.

In the Bottle: Sharp perfume smell, it must image1be the cognac. I get a sharp, dry smell that has an underlying sweetness.

Color: Very light yellow

Wet on Skin: I get a burst of really bright tobacco smell with the boozy cognac notes next to it. This is VERY strong, throw is large.

Dry Down: This dries down into a still prominent tobacco note, but I get some light vanilla, that must be the vanilla filigree. Almost as if the smell is laced with just a tad of vanilla.

This is super sophisticated, I feel like this would be a good scent for a dinner date or going into an important client meeting (although maybe not applying too much as it’s S T R O N G). The tobacco note in this is dry and sweet, almost like a tobacco flower. It’s one of my most unique scents and I’m keeping my eye out for a back-up bottle.



Day #2 – NAVA Protoceratops & Moonstone

I found NAVA after they’d already gone on their haitus, hopefully returning late Spring! I can’t wait, as their blends are out of this world. I am constantly surprised and blown away by how well blended and different they are. After I heard NAVA has a DINOSAUR line, I was determined to find one to try. Many of the reviews describe it as “rocky”.


I picked up Protoceratops, resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Crystalline, Kobalt, Crystal Absolute, Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream Accord, Vanilla Caramel, Bastet Amber and Egyptian Sugar accord. 

In the Bottle: I get a strong sharp smell of resin, very similar to the resin I would use with playing violin. It’s a strong amber resin smell and I don’t really smell much of the sugar and vanilla. I’m a little nervous at this point, as it doesn’t smell great in the bottle.

Color: Yellow

Wet on Skin: Very powdery and a bit bitter (similar to the bitterness from vetiver) but more resin-y than green. I am getting some of the vanilla and cream for a creamy amber-y resin scent.

Dry Down: The bitterness has finally dried away and I have the most lovely vanilla! It has a dry quality to it and it’s a smooth, creamy, amber vanilla resin.

I get a resin-y sugared vanilla ice cream withIMG_4066 depth from the limestone and resin. Visually I see a sugar cube made of  vanilla sugar, limestone and resin. This is really magical and am amazedby how well it works together. For some extra vanilla oomph, I layered NAVA’s Moonstone (the true Husk, black and white Fleck, essence and whole of African White Vanilla with a kiss of Crystalline). This combo is magical and I’ll definitely be returning to it. It lends a slight musk to the scent and helps amplify the vanilla.


Perfume Challenge – 1 Review a Day

I am fairly new to the Indie perfume scene, only really starting in October of 2016. Since then, I feel like I’ve been rushing to find the rares, hoarding my current loves and not really giving all of them a fair chance. With accumulating so many new ones so quickly, I find that there are SOO many that are not being loved!

I’m going to try something new and writing a review everyday-either for perfume, or hair gloss, or whatnot. Could be full sized, sample, whatever.

image1 (1)

Day # 1 – March 29, 2017

Today I am wearing Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s, Womb Furie, from Lupercalia 2016. The scent description is: An itch that needs to be scratched: Snake Oil (A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla) and three types of honey.  As Snake Oil is so loved and has such a big fan following, I tried my best to make Snake Oil work for me, but it was way too incense heavy, with barely any vanilla/sugar. As my boyfriend commented that I smelled like a head shop, it went into the de-stash pile.  When I found this Snake Oil blend, I was too excited as Snake Oil almost worked for me, and I am HUGE sucker for the lab’s honey note. This is a recurring blend that is released annually during BPAL’s Lupercalia (Valentine’s) release.

In the Bottle: Super sweet snake oil, I get the smell of incense, sugar, dark vanilla.

Color: Dark Yellow (just like honey!)

Wet on the Skin: I get the initial incense spice that is so Snake Oil, but the honey is equal in partners with the Snake Oil and I get a strong, powerful honey note in there as well. This is very balanced to my nose between the spiced incense and the sweetness of the honey.

Dry Down: The incense mostly fades away and I’m left with a spicy honey.

Verdict: I love this, this is everything I wanted in Snake Oil and even more.  If you’re a fan of honey and dark sweet incense, this is for you. Visually I imagine burning Indonesian incense with dark honey dribbled on top of it. This is a great date night scent and would go great with any other dark scents.