Little Lady MacBeth Eats Bastet’s Ice Cream

Today’s layering combo features Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) and Nocturne Alchemy (NAVA) perfume houses. Not only do I love their scents, both of these Indie perfume companies are based in C A L I F O R N I A ! I love being able to support local businesses!

Little Lady MacBeth (BPAL)FullSizeRender (2)

A Lilith’ized take on our Lady Macbeth scent, wherein ambition, covetousness, and manipulation are transformed into fairmindedness, equity, and a willingness to sometimes leave things to chance: sugared red currant and honey cake.


In the Bottle: Rich honey cakes that have been soaking with even more honey on top. I can’t pick out the honey and the cake separately, but I am definitely getting honey cakes. From first sniffs, I don’t get any of the red currant. If I were to pick the color of the cake-it’d be darkly yellow cake!

Wet on the Skin: Still 100% honey cakes, but now I’m getting a bit of the red currant. Not by itself, but a fruity brightness that I’m attributing to the red currant. I still can’t discern between the honey and the cake-I think this a good thing.

Dry on the Skin: Super fluffy honey cakes! The currant is more apparent on the dry down. It has a nice subtle tartness that keeps this blend complex and prevents it from going too rich on me.

This is a gourmand that doesn’t veer too sweet on my skin. It’s almooost to that point of being only a cold weather/fall & winter scent for me, but the currant keeps it from crossing that line.

Bastet’s Ice Cream Original (NAVA)icecream

Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Vanilla Sugar.

In the Bottle: I smell a rich buttery vanilla. I’m not sure how the other notes will play out, but it smells like Dreyer’s French Vanilla melted at the bottom of the pint. A bit sweet, a bit sticky.

Wet on the Skin: Rich, decadent VANILLA and VANILLA sugar. It’s seriously so yummy, as if I smeared literal home churned French vanilla ice cream on my wrists and dribbled a bit of caramel on top.

Dry on the Skin: Both rich and fluffy vanilla, like the custard portion of the creme brulee, but less egg and more milk and cream. It doesn’t go anywhere near plastic or sour on me, which is fantastic!

I am SO SO IN LOVE WITH THIS. It is the everyday gourmand, it is a gourmand I could wear if it’s 100 degrees or if it’s 20 degrees, it’s just that delicious. Layering these two together has given me the yummiest, Honey Cake Ice Cream with a Currant topping.



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