Battle of the Whipped Lotions – Haus of Gloi vs Villainess vs Solstice Scents vs Epically Epic

I’ve recently discovered the body (&more) side of IMAM. There are SOO many whipped lotions out there and I wanted to try them all. I’ve included pictures for each under “texture”!

  • Haus of Gloi’s Pumpkin Butter (Aether, Unscented)

Texture: Most liquidy (Note: It’s been brought to my attention that there was a huge batch variation, and it’s normally very thick)

Absorption: Takes awhile, it’s pretty oily and I end up getting oil on my desk/whatever surface I’m touching. Highly moisturizing, if I put it on before bed, my legs will still be soft in the AM.

Scent: I bought the unscented version so that I could scent it myself, it’s 1 ml to every 2 oz of PB. Overtime the oil does separate out from the PB, but is easily fixed by stirring it in. My Lily Cakes scented one sticks around and is quite strong.

Price: $10 for 6 oz, $1.67 p/ oz

Rating: 3.5/5, too oily

  • Villainess’ Whipped! (Mother of All Souls, Arcana’s Scent)

Texture: Most light, genuinely feels like whipped cream

Absorption: Super quick absorption, and spreads easily. This is perfect for summertime or places where you don’t need heavy, intense moisture.

Scent: If you’re a fan of Arcana, I got the collaboration (as I LOVE Arcana’s Mother of All Souls). It sticks around but a bit, but is fairly light and unoffensive. Super office safe.

Price: $11.50 for 6 oz, $1.92 p/ oz

Rating: 5/5, good for summer/light moisture

  • Solstice Scents Ganache (Violet Mallow Scent)

Texture: Thick, heavy cream

Absorption: For how thick it is, it absorbs quite well. It takes some rubbing in, but leaves my skin soft. Very moisturizing, and will last overnight.

Scent: Violet Mallow is one of my holy grail scents, but in this ganache form it has this almost chocolaty scent to it. Luckily, it goes away as it’s absorbed. The scent is pretty light and not intrusive.

Price: $9.00 for 4 oz, $2.25 p/ oz (most expensive)

Rating: 4/5, great moisture but has a weird scent and more expensive (I also don’t think they offer this anymore :/)

  • Epically Epic Whipped Body Butter (Marshmallow)

Texture: Frosting. It looks like I opened the Pillsbury Creamy Supreme vanilla frosting.

Absorption: It absorbs pretty easily, but is slightly oily. Very moisturizing and will last overnight. This stuff is soo dense, you only need a little.

Scent: I got this in marshmallow, it smells EXACTLY like butter creme vanilla frosting from a jar. Super, duper, diabetic sweet. I’ll use this to layer with any of my gourmand scents.

Price: $10 for 6 oz, $1.67 p/ oz

Rating: 4.5/5, heavy moisture with a variety of scents,

Tl;dr: My favorite is Villainess’ Whipped!. It’s light, and well scented (but doesn’t linger). The texture is like satin and absorbs easily. A good second is Epically Epic’s Whipped Body Butter for heavy moisture and value.


Day #8 – Haus of Gloi Custom Perfumes

I’ve been itching to make my own custom perfume for a while, and decided to try out Haus of Gloi’s custom perfumes! They’re $20 a piece and you can pick up to four notes. They recommend having at least one base note (as this is what helps with longevity), with the top and mid notes. After going back and forth with Jen, I settled on two customs:

  1. White Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Dark Patchouli, Cake
  2. Almond Extract, Vanilla Bean, Beeswax and Honey, Cake

I ordered it on March 28th and it shipped on April 13th, which is approximately 12 business days. They come in their own little boxes, with your notes written on the front of it.

Custom #1: White Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Dark Patchouli, Cake

What I Wanted: Super sugary, vanilla-d patchouli with the patchouli as a costar, rather than the star to help give the blend balance. I wanted primarily the sugar and vanilla to be the main star of it.

In the Bottle: I smell deep, dark patchouli, but something lightly sweet right behind it.

Wet on the Skin: Still very much patchouli, but I get a deep sweetness, almost a chewy syrupy feel to it.

Dry on the Skin: The sugar warms up a bit more and I get a sugar crusted patchouli. Overall, I’m really happy with this blend. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it’s gorgeous and aging so well! The first day I really got PATCHOULI PATCHOULI, with a dab of sugar. But now the vanilla and cake are really growing stronger and I’m getting a gorgeous patchouli blend.

Custom #2: Almond Extract, Vanilla Bean, Beeswax and Honey, Cake

What I wanted: I was looking for vanilla almond honey cakes.

In the Bottle: Sharp, sour beeswax and maybe almond.

Wet on the Skin: The beeswax is still very strong and in the forefront, I can slightly pick out the sharp almond with a little bit of cake very faintly.

Dry on the Skin: The beeswax mellows out a little itty bit, but man it really overtakes the whole blend. I can barely pick out the almond extract, but I get some of the cake in the back. When I first got this, it was an instant headache, and I’m 99% sure it’s the beeswax note. After about two weeks, it’s a little better, but still has a long way to go. I’m going to let this one age and hope the beeswax chills out a bit.

The process was quick, painless and overall very pleasant. I definitely plan on going back to make a few more customs and maybe trying out less notes instead of trying to jam every one of my favorites in there. Also learned the hard way that beeswax is really not quite the same as honey and honey is what I was looking for in the second blend. Will check in with both of these guys in a few months 🙂 image1 (2).JPG

Rose Lovers Galore

I’ve been on a bit of a rose kick as of late-and decided to try out a few different ones.

A majority of them are from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, as their rose note is widely popular, but I opted for Rose City from Haus of Gloi as well along with some gourmand roses from Solstice Scents. If you’ve never ordered from them, Solstice Scents definitely wins in the shipping category, with Haus of Gloi as a close second.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab 

  • Rose Red 2016: The perfected winter rose, dew covered and freshly cut from BPAL’s Yule Release. There is nothing more like a fresh bouquet of roses that was just delivered to your desk (or your body hehe). When I wear this, I feel like I’ve been gifted flowers and the scent is just amazingly green and fresh. Even my mom said I smelled like the roses out in our front yard. It’s reminiscent of  smelling the roses first thing in the morning-slightly wet and very fresh. Definitely a keeper. I also tried The First Rose –  pale pink rosebud, wet with the dew of the dawn of creationThese two are very very similar, the rose red is slightly more green and in your face, with the first rose being it’s slightly quieter counterpart. Both excellent true rose scents.
  • Allegory of ChastityBlushing rose hips, pink rose petals, and vanilla cream with white jasmine and a drop of bergamot. Oh man, from the bottle it was fairly powdery which was really worrisome but once on the skin, the powder really rounds out and the rose total kicks in. It’s definitely a pinker rose scent but there is a hint of green that comes out later on. I don’t get much of the vanilla or jasmine but perhaps that is where I get the powder from. This is extremely lovely and throw is longer than Rose Red. This can last me all day easily.
  • Peacock Queen 2016: In dramatic contrast to the soft innocence of Snow White and the dew-kissed freshness of her sister, Rose Red, this is a blood red, voluptuous rose, velvet-petaled, at the height of bloom. Haughty and imperious, vain, yet incomparably lovely to the eye, but thick with thorns of jealousy, pride and hatred. I’m not sure how BPAL does it, but it does feel haughty-it has a bite at the end of the rose scent. Although I could appreciate the scent, this was not for me. The rose is definitely there at the beginning but evolves into this sharper, pointed scent.  
  • The Unicorn, Rushing Against the Tree, Fixed its Horn so Fast in the Trunk that it Could Not Draw it OutEthereal white orris, pale early lilacs, mallow flower, Queen of the Night, white moss, and dusk-lit mist. I’m not going to lie-I got this partially because of the name! In the bottle, I can smell the moss which makes it a bit dry and woody. But on dry down, wow, it’s really quite pretty! I would say it’s a light white floral with a slight sweetness (from the mallow flower?). It’s very wearable and dries into a quieter aquatic floral.

Haus of Gloi 

  • Rose CityRed roses and the earthy wet scent of aged patchouli.  THE PATCHOULI, is so so strong in this. I definitely can appreciate the depth of this, but patchouli just does not work on my skin. It’s definitely the most prominent note for me. I think if I could mellow this out with maybe a strong vanilla note this could be a keeper.

Solstice Scents

  • Rose Mallow CreamMoroccan Rose absolute, Bulgarian Rose absolute, Marshmallow Fluff, Strawberry Nectar, White Chocolate, Vanilla, White Musk. I really didn’t get that much rose from this, but definitely got the strawberry mallow! This is a very sweet scent that to me is more on the gourmand side than floral.
  • Cardamom Rose SugarBrown Sugar, Cardamom EO, Moroccan Rose and Bulgarian Rose. SPICY! So so spicy, if you have any  doubts about this, I would recommend going to a store and smelling cardamom first before making a purchase. It’s very warm, I think it would be perfect for colder weather (as it warms up the skin too). The sugar and cardamom are most prominent for me, with the rose coming out slightly on the dry down.

My winners are Rose Red/The First Rose and Allegory of Chastity! Between the two, I definitely feel like my rose niche has been fulfilled.